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Mariah Miller
"Let go and let the world pass through your fingertips." Life is stressful and you can't always have your way. Mariah learned this the hard way, but probably just like any other 17 year old girl that goes to high school. Life is't always what it seems. There are going to be lots of ups and downs. Some bigger than others. Dedication and passion have always been a big role in Mariah's life. She sets goals for herself that she feels she will be able to achieve. Once she achieves each goals she usually sets bigger goals that branch off from the smaller goals. Mariah has a big heart and an open mind. She is also very outgoing and stands up for things that she feels very strongly about. She is one of the creators of "Unity and Resilience" which is a group helping to connect the community in a positive way. Life is hard and we should never be afraid to ask for help or give help to those who need it. Life is to short to live in the negative.

Mariah Miller, Writer

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