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Kaitlyn Senneker
As a senior in high school, pretty soon I'll be moving on to the big aspects of life. College, ramen noodles, crippling debt, internships, possibly a real job, and the rest of adulthood is waiting around the corner. Someone told me that senior release is May 18, so I guess I should figure out what I'm doing with my life now. I'm not completely lost. I've been accepted into Ferris State University, Grand Valley, Northern Michigan University, and Montcalm Community College. I've decided that Montcalm is a good place to start. I wanted to start a career in journalism until someone told me the profession is dead. I thought about going into psychiatry because I love psychology and money. However, the immense amount of lawsuits involved in that profession might stress me out. I also contemplated being a lawyer because I love to argue with people. Unfortunately, being a lawyer is wickedly boring as it requires an immense amount of reading. Considering I enjoy books that are rated at about a sixth grade reading level, the thought of kicking back with a section of the constitution sounds a bit dreary... Not that I have anything against the constitution. Maybe I'll be a lobbyist if it's still a profession by the time I figure out how to do it. Someone told me that lobbying is like being a lawyer without the work. With that said, I've done approximately no research on the subject, and I have no idea what I'm talking about. Adulting is hard.

Kaitlyn Senneker, Writer

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