The Bulldog Beat

2017-2018 Staff

Jazmin Hart

Story Writer

Hey I'm Jazmin! I'm 17 years old, I am currently a Junior in High School. I'm in a program called Link Crew, that helps out the incoming freshman feel comfortable with Ionia High School. I enjoy reading, drawing, painting, singing...

Kaitlyn Senneker


As a senior in high school, pretty soon I'll be moving on to the big aspects of life. College, ramen noodles, crippling debt, internships, possibly a real job, and the rest of adulthood is waiting around the corner. Someone told...

Brooke Gregory

story writer

I am a junior here at I.H.S. and I play varsity volleyball and tennis. I am apart of the principal's student advisory committee, the National Honor Society, and I am a college ambassador.

Britney Hartwig

Story Writer

My name is Britney Hartwig. I am a senior at Ionia High School. I am 17 years old, I have lived with my grandmother since I was five days old. My hobbies include writing, singing, cheering and hanging out with friends and family....

Isabella Andrews

Story Writer

Isabella Andrews is a story writer for Journalism. She is a senior at Ionia High School and has just recently become involved in FFA through the class Plant and Animal Science and has been in 4H for 4 years showing goats.

Cody Pline

The Drawing Guy

I do art n' stuff.

Tatiana Cardenas


I'm 17 and on the swim team. Woohoo

Kaitlyn Hickok

Editor in Chief

Kaitlyn is a 17 year old senior at Ionia High School. She is a member of the science olympiad, debate, and forensics teams, editor in chief of The Bulldog Beat, a member of National Honors Society, Link Crew, and, to top it all...

Shae Lehman

Story Writer

Shae Lehman is a 17 years old and a senior that attends Ionia High School. She is in S.A.D.D. After High School she plans on going to college for Culinary Arts. She is in the Culinary Arts program in Heartlands. She likes to go...



What's poppin' guys? I'm a defensive specialist on the varsity volleyball team, I also play defense on the girls varsity soccer team. I like to eat A LOT and cuddle with my best bud Juli. I like to sleep and watch Netflix too,...

Paige Lynch

Story Writer

Paige is a senior at Ionia High School. She likes reading and music. She is a member of the girls swim, where her favorite event is the 500 freestyle. She work as a lifeguard and teacher at the local YMCA.

Skyler Holton

story writter

Hello, I'm Skyler Holton I'm a senior here at ionia high school. I'm 18 years old, some things I do during school is robotics, power lift, and learn like a normal high school student. My out side school life consist of work, I...

Alexyss WInchell


Alexyss is the oldest of 10 children, she loves writing and reading. When she graduates she wants to go to Michigan State University to become a journalist. She wants to track down news, not the fake news, but the real good and...



16 ihs '18 writer

Trent Gingrich


I'm 17 years old. I enjoy gaming and shooting hoops. That is all

Jenna Adams


Jenna is 17 years old and is currently a Junior at Ionia High School. She is involved in choir,  Principal Gurk's Student Advisory Council, SADD, and National Honor Society. She considers herself to be a book nerd and would like...

Taylor Zambrano

photo editor

Taylor is a 16 year old junior in swim and link crew. Yehoo!

Melody Rewa

story writer

Hey I'm Melody and I'm 18 years old. I like sing, I'm in Chorale, the all women's group. I'm involved in theatre as well. I'm also in art class, because I love to draw and make things, because I'm very textile. I'm  in Culinary...

Daniel Mexicano

Story writer for debate and boys soccer

My name is Daniel Mexicano, I'm 17 years old, I'm a senior here at IHS. I have AP classes that give a decent amount of homework that I have no life outside of school.  I'm here to make debate great again for the bulldog beat.

Juli Washbourn

Team Member

Juli Washbourn is a 17 year old Senior at Ionia High School, and well at this point in her life she hasn't done much. She mainly watches Criminals Minds and lays in her bed all day long. She is an avid Twitter and Intsagram fanatic,...


story writter

Hello I'm Mekala. This year I'm a junior in high school. Some activities I'm in this year are S.A.D.D., debate, journalism and forensics.  My favorite hobbies are reading, listening to music, hanging with friends and writing.

Autumn Mueller

Writer / Section- Clubs

 A 17 year old senior at Ionia High School. She is the senior student body president of Student Council, co-president of Prom Committee, vice president of SADD, a member of National Honors Society, a member of the Principal’s S...

Olivia Beebe

Photography Editor

  Olivia Beebe is a senior at Ionia High School. She is a Photography Editor for both the yearbook and the school newspaper. Olivia is also part of the National Honor Society, Student Council, co-president of Prom Committee,...

Ryan McGregor

News Editor

I am Ryan McGregor, I am a Junior in both ways, my dad is Ryan Sr. and I am a Junior in high school. Straight out of high school I either want to go to college at Western Michigan University and play football there so I can be...

Sarah Humphrey


Hi. I’m Sarah. I’m a senior at IHS and I love to write and paint. I would consider myself an artist. I’m also in Heartlands for Computer Networking. You’ll know me by my black hair and usually another color in it. You’ll a...

Peter Dykstra Jr.


I am 16 years old, the rest doesn't even matter, because I'm graduating this year.

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