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2016-2017 Staff

Katelyn Miller

News Writer

Katelyn is a 15 year old sophomore at Ionia High School. She just started here a few months ago and she is enjoying it so far. She is not the fondest of school and she loves to sleep and spend time at home.

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Samantha Challender

Sports Writer

I am 18 years old and a senior at Ionia High School. I am a captain of the varsity softball team which I have been apart of for all four years of high school. I am a certified nurse assistant thanks to the Allied Health program...

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Bryce Nummer

Co Editor-in-Chief

THE man's name is Bryce Nummer. Bryce is a 17 year old senior at Ionia High School. He enjoys long walks on the beach and playing video games. He is a member of the National Honor Society and works as a delivery boy at a local...

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Logan Stephens

Co Editor-in-Chief

Logan Stephens, also known as Larry, is a 17 year old, the oldest of one other sibling, and is a senior at Ionia High School. She is on the golf team for the Bulldogs, and is also apart of Student Council, National Honor Society,...

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Makenzie Barber

News Editor

Meet Makenzie: a 17 year old senior at Ionia High School. She plays softball for the Ionia Varsity team in the Spring, and works a grand total of 10 hours a week at McDonalds. As for the future, college is in her plans, but she...

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Justin Rickert

Managing Editor; Op-Ed Editor

Hello, this is Justin, and if you're reading this, it's too late. Bet that got your attention huh, now about me. This hotshot is currently 18 years old and has been honored with the position of Managing Editor. He is a grade A...

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Taylor Wood

Student Life Editor

I am a 16 year old senior at Ionia High School; one of the youngest in my class born in 2000. I am a member of the Varsity Swim Team, Choir, and Treasurer of the National Honor Society. One thing many people don't know about me...

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Amanda Brainard

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Amanda is a 17 year old junior at Ionia High School. You can usually find her in thrift stores, looking for the best vhs tapes and other gems. You might recognize her by her style of dress or makeup, which both tend to be unique....

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Mya Bianchi


Mya Bianchi is a junior at IHS; she is captain of the varsity volleyball team and is on the varsity basketball team. Obsess over pugs and laughs loud, always.

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Sara Zarebski


Sara is a senior at IHS; she is on the varsity soccer team as well as the class treasurer for student council. Sara is also a member of the National Honors Society, Link Crew, and is a college ambassador. She is employed at the...

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Gabrielle Simmons

Copy Editor

Gabrielle is a Senior at Ionia High School.  She is the Historian of the National Honors Society, the Vice President of Student Council, involved in the Youth Advisory Council and Link Crew.  She currently works at the local...

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Rylee Beutler

News Writer

Rylee is a senior at Ionia High School. She is enlisted in the National Guard and hopes to become a Conservation Officer. She works at Applebees and kind of hates it. She is attending LCC and then MSU after completing basic training....

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Emily Alexander


Just an ordinary human female. I'm not the best with words so this is going to be short. I had a long paragraph but while I was trying to put my picture in it deleted everything but oh well. Try to keep your head up if you're having...

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Allison Fuller

Sports Editor

Stop by the pool, the band room, the marching field, NHS meetings, AP classrooms, or maybe even in Lowell for gymnastics. That's where you will find Allison Fuller. The 17 year old senior is the Secretary of National Honor Soci...

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Alex Bentley

Sports Writing

Alex is a 18 year old senior who enjoys bowling and being with friends. Alex works at Walmart and hopes to work at Ventra following high school. He loves video games; his system is a PS4, and the game he mostly plays is Destiny. He will ...

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Liam Savage

Editorial Writer

"Know yourself. Only then can you understand the power you have to bring change, no matter how small, to the world around you." -Optimus Prime, a quote to live by. Liam Savage is a senior of Ionia High School. At home he likes...

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Alexyss Winchell

News Writer

This 16 year-old Sophomore, loves to play softball, read, write, and being outside. Alexyss is the oldest of 9 children. She makes a LOT of mistakes, but does her best to fix them and to be successful. Her favorite color is black,...

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Kaitlyn Hickok

News Editor, Fall 2016

Kaitlyn is a 16 year old junior at Ionia High School. She is a member of the science olympiad, debate, and forensics teams, a part of the principal student advisory club, news editor of The Bulldog Beat, a member of National Honors...

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Kaitlyn Richardson

Entertainment Editor, Fall 2016

Good afternoon, good morning, and goodnight. Kaitlyn, 17, is the embodiment of an M. Night Shyamalan plot twist. Likes to think she's cool but makes puns like there's no tomorrow. Looks like a hawaiian tourist, hip grandma, or...

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Bobby Eppler

Copy Editor

Robert (Bobby) Eppler is a Senior at IHS and is 16 years old. Bobby’s pastimes include doing a lot of homework from school, working on various chores around the house, and when time allows, playing video games. Bobby’s enjoys...

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Heather Beeman

Copy Editor

Want to know more about Heather? Heather Beeman, a senior at Ionia High School, is very involved in band. She has been involved in band since the sixth grade as a percussionist. Heather has been Font Ensembles section leader for...

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James Downing

Media Designer

My name is James Downing and I'm 17 years old. I am a senior at Ionia High School and lead under the colors of blue and gold. I state this pledge: To practice brotherhood honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities and...

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KImberlyn Hollon-Morseau


You can always catch Kimberlyn watching The Walking Dead on Sunday nights, at nine o'clock or obsessing over bands in her room. Aside from obsessing over tv shows and bands, in her free time she enjoys running and hanging out...

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Vincent Warnes

Photo Editor

My name is Vincent Warnes, and I was born in April in the year of 1999. This year I am serving as the photo editor for the IHS Bulldog Beat.

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Brooke Smith


Introducing Brooke Smith, the sassy 17 year old Junior at Ionia high school, dabbling in the art of roasting, avid Netflix user, and a chicken nugget enthusiast. Follow my journey on Instagram: @xbrookemarie , its lit. I've been...

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Seth Parks


Not to many know who Seth Parks is. Seth is a senior at Ionia High School. He participates in the elective vocal ensemble. Seth enjoys to sing and hang out with friends. There isn't much more I can say about Seth Parks.

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Logan Stiles


My name is Logan Stiles, and I am now working as a mediocre writer for the bulldog beat. I am a 17 year old senior at IHS dipping my toes into the field of journalism for the first time. I enjoy simple things like campfires with...

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Hello my name is Jordan Musser. I am 18 years old and a only child. I am a senior at Ionia High School. I don't do much after school stuff but I am in vocal ensemble and like to sing. Other then that i don't do much in my free...

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Brian Hamilton


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Brian Hamilton is a senior attending school at IHS. He is a three sport athlete and is 18 years old. Brian plans on going to college for engineering and possibly starting a business later in...

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Matthew Smalley


My name is Matthew Smalley. I am 18 years old and a senior at Ionia High School. I am a avid hunter.I hunt white tail deer, squirrel and rabbits. I like to watch sports, like football and baseball, the Lions and Tigers. I currently...

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Mariah Miller


"Let go and let the world pass through your fingertips." Life is stressful and you can't always have your way. Mariah learned this the hard way, but probably just like any other 17 year old girl that goes to high school. Life...

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Ryan McGregor


This is The Big and Brave,Ryan McGregor,he is the bravest and strongest 15 year old his age. He is going to be a Marine straight out of high school. Hoo-Rah. Can you all beat that? I bet you can. He is very mysterious so beware...

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Karly Ruid


I'm 18. I am going to MCC to become a registered nurse. I am working towards getting my CNA in Allied Health Heartlands.

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Matt Grand-Girard


This is Matt, he is a 15 year old sophomore. He has played football and baseball for 11 years. His favorite sport is football. His favorite hobby is hunting.

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Austin Beimers


Now that you have found my profile I should tell you about myself. I'm 17 and I like working on cars and I love woodworking and I also love restoring lawnmowers and small engines.  I'm going to GRCC to become an electrician.

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Dawson Shindorf


Dawson is going on his going on his last year here at IHS. He is 17 years old and will graduate at only 17 being that his birthday is in August. Some of his interests are hunting, motorsports, gaming, and working. He plans on...

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Cameron Sanicki


Sup girl, Want to learn more about Cameron Sanicki AKA Snoopy snup? He is a low educated individual who is very dedicated and motivated to make himself better and to push the limits. He is 18 years old and plays 3 sports which...

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Luke Weaver


Luke is a senior at Ionia High School. He is 17 years old. He spends most of his time playing football and baseball and also wrestles in the winter. He is captain on the football and wrestling team. When he has some free time...

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Brittany Bowne


Hey there, it's Brittany Bowne. I'm 18 and a senior at IHS. I enjoy being with my family and friends, I enjoy having my own vehicle and a job. I enjoy being with my family and friends because I am very social. Being with my...

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Working any job as a teenager can be tough, but Kody Meyers seems to have a different experience. When asked about the strangest thing that has happened to him at work, Kody recounted a story about when he bent down and a dairy...

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Anastasia Sivyer


Anastasia Sivyer is an 18 year old senior. She enjoys reading books and watching a variety of movies. Anastasia also likes to play with the many animals that she has taken in. Fiction is her preferred reading type and horror and...

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Trey Reidt


I am Trey Reidt. I work for a franchise serving diabetes in a wrapper or box. This franchise being the local McDonald's in Ionia. I have been there for two years so far. Within my first year I was promoted to Crew Trainer. All...

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Brittany Davis


The seasons change as do I so I won't say much abut myself. In math I'm about as confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles for I excel in writing and music; not math. Benjamin Franklin once said,  "Either write something worth...

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Emma Shattuck


17, still gettin' kicked out the crib. Wanna be a trap rapper but can't spit a thing. Writes poems not raps. Emami is her rap name.

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Darrell Simpson


My name is Darrell Simpson i'm in vocal ensemble and also choir if you were wondering, I don't really do anything in my free time so I'm somewhat boring and that was a bit about my self

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Griffin Cantu


Watch Griffin bless you with his powerful writing skills. He's just a photographer forced to write breathtaking stories so he can graduate.

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Brook White


Meet Brook. I have enjoyed participating on the Ionia Varsity Swim Team my last 4 years of HIgh School. I enjoy volunteering at the animal shelter, and I have recently began volunteering at  a nursing home. I love knowing that...

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Rhyleigh Kelley


Meet Rhyleigh. She's a senior at Ionia High where she plays basketball and softball for the high school. She's a total baller and she loves hangin' with her buds. Rhyleigh plans on joining the U.S. Navy and then going on to study...

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Kyle Bennett


That awkward moment when you try to hug someone sexy but you run into the mirror xD

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My goats. My family. My job. My goats are pretty much my friends I can go see them they cheer me up when I'm having a bad day they cause  all the pain to go away and for me to just relax. My Family means everything to me when...

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Aaron Rogers


Aaron Rogers is not sure.

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Hanna Howard


I'm 18 and a senior at IHS. I dance all year and run track and field in the spring.

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Shelby Ogden


Hi, my name is Shelby Ogden. I am 17 and a senior at Ionia High School. When I am not at school I'm most likely at home but in the winter I am at the bowling alley in Ionia. Yes that is right, I am on the bowling team for the...

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Kaitlyn Ruid


Kaitlyn Ruid is funny, and in fact, she wants you to know that 'if you ain't talkin' money. She doesn't wanna talk'.Oh and she's standing outside so if anyone asks, she's outstanding.

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Janely Sanchez


I am 17 years old a senior at Ionia High School. I'm one of those girls that doesn't like to talk much. I get asked every year if I am an exchange student, and although I am from Oaxaca, Mexico, I am not an exchange student....

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Hannah Sarka


17 year old senior attending Ionia High School. Probably going to become a traveling gypsy.

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Olivia Thompson


This is Olivia Thompson. She is a sixteen year old junior  at Ionia High School. Her favorite subject would be English, and her least would be math. She enjoys sleeping, cats, and doing make up. Olivia hopes to pursue a career...

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